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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ninth Annual JDRF Benefit Weekend for Sonny at Club Panama

mike-Ritchie_thumb13From The Pit – Music and Show Reviews

By Mike Ritchie

October 4th and 5th Club Panama hosted the annual For Love of Sonny tribute fundraiser to help raise funds and awareness for Juvenile Diabetes treatment and research.

club graphicThis year’s local supporters included Simply Delicious, Schaeffers Amusements Co, Janeen and Joel Naugle for bringing the sweet stuff, Rudy’s Smoke House BBQ, Keg & Cork and Letters to the Blind for CD donation. Other area sponsors included Fazolis, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Roosters, O’Charleys, Frickers, Chucky Cheese, Cracker Barrel and Golden Corral with all proceeds going to the JDRF. Not only was this the ninth year for love of Sonny but it was also the 25th year anniversary of Panama bringing metal through the door. In ’89 Susie Maynard put her foot down and welcomed the headbangers.

Friday’s show included Mike Defendant, Fletcher Munson, From Silence to Violence, Abrade the Regal and The Reefer Hut.

mike defendantColumbus transplant Mike Defendant brought the acoustic acolytes back to Springfield opening the ninth annual weekend fresh off a tour with Dead Kennedy’s and TBH. Like last year he brought the hardcore punk and acoustic fury out of his six strings. Plus drinking since 10am helped the creative improvisation flow better. He warned or depending on your POV guaranteed this would be the best or worst thing you’ll ever hear, at least for that night anyway.

Acoustic tunes with speed metal plucking include religion, imaginary friends (his are better than yours and better connected) and a tune about the joys of radio friendly smash hits that never get played. If there’s anything the road’s taught him it’s that there was absolutely no nutritional value in early morning alcohol. He continued with the off the cuff, chaotic, falling off the limb with slight irreverence stepping forward backwards, pacing between the left and right hand paths performance only he could do. Bringing the electricity out of the acoustic he sung a pretty song about having phone sex with your mother. The question was who hangs up first? His music obviously inspired by SOD and Napalm Death run the length of a few of their old school tunes.

Fletcher Munson was next playing a set of originals with a few varied covers. Not many bands played GWAR and Neil Young in the same show. With a blend of blues, rock and metal inspired with a jam groove they opened with a tribute to the late Oderus Urungus, as we traveled on the Road Behind. They get original on the Vicious Cycle and Crystal. It was a time warp protest trip back to 1970 and Kent Ohio, courtesy of the Crazy Horse. There’s some sort of Mental Delay, in the music they love to play, could be due to the love of ‘the drop’, Raging Alcoholic’s fuel their stomp. It was no secret they came off sounding a bit Wooden but it’s all for the love of those Butthole Surfers. There’s a certain Hypnotic element to Fletch, maybe it’s the punk rock blue grass attitude of Growing Marijuana.

from silence to violenceTroy’s From Silence to Violence started Halloween early with Phil Rindler opening the show in animated ninja attire. The first of the weekend ‘heavies’ busted open an early can of screamin’ hardcore, metalcore with a few sung verses of reality based tunes about partying and the positive/negative aspects of life. Don’t go trick or treating with them, you don’t know What’s in the Bag. Started in late 2012, they’ve opened for Dead by Wednesday and Bobaflex and a video for What’s in the Bag is upcoming.

abrade the regalAbrade the Regal always brings the infectious groove and the ‘table top’ musicianship. Finding that happy balance between rock and metal without being in mosh territory but heavy enough for a ‘good head bang dance’. Like any band that’s ever played a loud riff they scream at the World and everything that pisses them off.

the reefer hutThe Reefer Hut finished the evening metaphorically putting blood on the wall with a full frontal thrash party and a small but dedicated pit. Mosh pit stompers included the tattooed, metal and proud Inner Pride. Don’t judge a man with a guitar, a black t-shirt and a mic unless you’ve read his lyrics or carried his gear. It’s a Pantera pummeling and there’s No Turning Back from the eardrum Abuse as the guitar chords of Sleep Dred did more damage than Freddy’s glove. They concluded night one with an inspirational neck wrecker about Moving Forward from bad situations and negative sh#@. A politely yelled, screamed encore was requested.


Saturday Oct 4th

The second evening gave us Blackout Method, National Headcase, Chronic Aggression, Legbone and Letters to the Blind, and as the evening progressed everyone in the Springfield metal scene came. It was a claustrophobic but friendly crowd, with beer and shots flowing with a long sometime short list of raffle ticket winners growing with several earning ‘repeat offender’ status. Saturday could also be the first time someone won a Chuck E Cheese prize in a bar. Winner was subject to height check.

blackout methodBlackout Method covered the early evening with a set ranging from early Sabbath/Manson to modern day heavy metal Elvis. No better way to start then with some Dumb Luck, Red Line Chemistry style. If only Alice in Chains and Scott Weiland had joined forces. We all went Down (under) with the Sick Puppies, Face to the Floor courtesy of Chevelle. We heard the face painted Warriors Call and got ready to rumble with Volbeat. Rage poured with the Bulls on Parade. We got Sap and we liked it courtesy of Got Me Wrong. They went as old-school as metal goes to the original ‘nativity’ then went a few years forward paying respect to the holy ‘horned one’, on and on, it’s Heaven and Hell. Sadly a crash course in brain surgery had to be postponed but they ended on a trippy note and the death of the 60’s, it’s coming down fast, it’s Helter Skelter.

If you took snake bit blood from Down, COC and Crowbar, spliced it together just right then had something go horribly wrong at the last minute, you’d get the loud, striking serpents tongue in the ear of National Headcase. Playing with two turbine steel ripping guitars, they’re kinda like a metalheads Rush, with a few prog face smacks.

national headcaseThey sliced the crowd open with the razor sharp swamp water riffs of Welcome to the Fallout. The well Worked Over walls of Panama shook with the good heavy vibrations of Brother’s Keeper. The fast galloping drums and guitars on This Sacrifice Endures played the tale of any and all sacrifices made in life.

They played the prophecy of the Oracle, with its early-priest-like opening. Digging riffs down deep into the lower depths of long buried darkness. Don’t dig up what’s not meant to be found. It was a seven and a half minute plus monster chugger fueled by that special made swamp gas. Vultures ended with a tool kit of instrumentalization, thrash vocals with a Chrome Division shine and COC non-conformity.

Springfield’s had a chronic case of loud aggression since December 1999 driven by the raspy vocals of Joe Stafford and the Accept meets Overkill sounds of Chronic Aggression. The thrash of the New Jersey stomp was brought forth and hither with the Neighborhood Dispatch. They brought the crowd to the front including house security for the crowd pleaser sing along Balls to the Wall, Udo would be proud.

legboneThe Legbone’s been hit, popped, cracked and knocked out of socket a few times since the early 90’s but the Dayton based punk veterans keep on playing bringing the crowds up front surrounding the stage in an old-school punk gathering. Watching the group of fans boxing in the stage, getting uber close you couldn’t help but remember the days predating mosh pits when punks and kids just came to a show and bounced up and down with spikes (on the wrist, hand, hair or elsewhere) in the air.

They’ve played with hardcore legends DRI, Gang Green and the Casualties. They played tunes about beer, partying and of course, more beer that have kept them going. They’re newest CD It Leads to Poverty is available now.

The Ninth Annual weekend closed with Letters to the Blind, the only band to bring electric drums. Playing their fourth show ever they began with “Once”, painting a progressively heavy picture with power and death metal elements. Though they have a short scene history their members date back to the Biogenesis days. Throughout the set guitarist Blaine Gordon showed of Satriani like skills, As Color Fades casted a Dream Theater like quality over the club. They talked about the drones in line following the status quo indulging the late night stayers in a few more new tunes. Their five track EP is available at shows and online.

Club Panama thanks everyone involved in this year’s benefit, all the bands who played and everyone who came and rocked out for Sonny.

From Silence to Violence, Abrade the Regal, Letters to the Blind, Chronic Aggression and Legbone images courtesy of Joel Naugle .

All others by Mike Ritchie

Read more from the pit articles and reviews by Mike Ritchie on his web site

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Album Review: Aurora by Cole Childers

1912437_695745337134941_689233421_nSinger, Songwriter and Alternative Rock artist Cole Childers brings forth Aurora, an album of honest and introspective messages with an edge that cuts through the day to day drama that can blind a person looking for answers and the truth.

Growing up in Bainbridge Island, Washington, Cole Childers was surrounded by Seattle’s grunge movement, but at 17 with guitar in hand; he knew he wanted music to be his own. In 2005 Childers formed Virginia Beach-based band Chasing Corona. The band's first single, “Sand to Stone” received widespread critical acclaim and quickly became a favorite on several regional radio stations.

1493284_703890392987102_7814413942505478029_nCole performed in New York City’s Fleet Week Celebration in 2007, and was requested to return in 2008 and again in 2009, once as the main support act for George Clinton, then opening for Joan Jett. Cole has also shared stages with the likes of Creed and Motley Crue. While in New York City for Fleet Week, Childers appeared on the nationally recognized Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show taking the gleaming East Coast metropolis for his own.

chasing-corona-at-the-norva-311-600x399In early 2014 Childers entered Soul Haven Studios in Virginia Beach, VA to begin work on what would become his debut solo release, Aurora. Out of the twenty songs that were written for the record, six made the final cut.

"The reason we only did six songs is because I would rather put time and quality into six songs rather than rushing 12 songs with a mediocre outcome," Childers tells. "Nothing bothers me more than when a band rushes an album and puts out garbage, when it could have waited another 6 months in order to do it proper justice. Music is art and deserves to be treated with respect. Besides, I call a well thought out EP an album without the filler!"

cole childers picAurora is an album that takes the listener on an emotional joyride to the very highs and the bitter lows, some ambient , vibrant madrigals of an acoustic feeling, others down and dirty Rock & Roll, not “Ballad-ish” or “Pop” but sincere and reverent to the concept of the songs content.

Aurora opens with “Save Me” which is a power anthem of a “giving soul” that needs to be saved from oblivion. Followed by the first official single "Fall with Me", "Addict”, "Run Away", "Impossible" and concludes with the EP's title track, "Aurora" a timeless tale of heartbreak caused by a cheating love. Aurora is a short but rousing album from an artist that sings from the heart and from deep within the immense universe of the human spirit.

Find and follow Cole Childers on Facebook - and on his web site -, music and tour dates posted on Reverbnation -

Album Review: RED TIDE RISING – The Rising

Reviewed by Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine


Red Tide Rising, hailing from Colorado, considered the “upstarts of the music scene” and well established for a band that is still quite new has revealed their breakout album The Rising have been invited by metal veterans Drowning Pool to open their 'unLUCKy 13' Autumn tour alongside Like A Storm and A Breach of Silence.

994105_10152124632260964_4102775678792151834_nRed Tide Rising, who will be out touring their Extended Version of The Rising, sees this as their path, to be able to support their release on this run with their friends in Drowning Pool. In interviews, Red Tide Rising frontman, Matthew Whiteman said "It's great to see bands like Drowning Pool that recognize the importance of helping out up and coming bands like Red Tide Rising by staying in touch over time and offering tour dates for us to gain exposure and have the opportunity to share our music".

Red Tide Rising is not just another metal band, with course vocals blended with harmonic presentation, supported with progressive rhythms set this band apart from many of their contemporaries. Skill such as theirs comes with years of practice, blood, sweat and many tears…. all of this proves that they are naturally gifted musicians with phenomenal talent and a destiny that only starts with greatness and skyrockets upward.

imageThe Rising is a fireball of power and energetically driven metal, set in technically accurate and highly passionate formulation. The title track The Rising is fast moving, driving and captivating, whereas the track Rising Tides is a slow yet hair raising instrumental. All songs on this album are soaking in emotional turmoil but sparks of hope within the messages, are like salvos of fireworks, bursting through, lighting up the valley of darkness, delivering you into the fold.

The song Vicious Circle is very poignant, as it is something we all have experienced, and only through a sense of pure determination, do we rise above… could this be the reason for the title The Rising, all our hopes and fears, all that would drag us down and suffocate us in a sea of madness, massive tentacles of pain and suffering… sheer death warded off by the awesome might of the Red Tide Rising, raising us up, for another gasp of air……?

Yeah, … Just that Effin’ Good !


Check out Red Tide Rising on their Website and all Social Media, Get to the Show, and be Swept away with The Tide! 

Buy The Album at

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Colourflies Have the Loudest Buzz and the World is wanting!


What’s The BUZZ with Shanea Speidel

Shanea Speidel, Video Reporter and Correspondent for BUZZTV

Contributing Writer for Xombiewoof Magazine

The Colourflies, I met this band almost a year and a half ago. I drove to Idaho to see what the big hype was over this band. I pulled up to a large old house that had a parking lot that was packed. As I made my way into the unfurnished grungy place pushing my way through bodies to get down some steep cement stairs where the music was coming from, this band was putting off a lot of good energy. I stood back watched and listened as the young crowd sang, danced and jumped up and down to the music. I thought this band is great. After the show they asked me to go to Denny's with them and about 25 of their fans.

Of course I went so I could get a feel of who these artists were off the stage. Well the fun never stops with this band. They are just as entertaining off the stage as on. They are corky, funny, worry free and very energetic. They love to play and people love to go see them. In fact, The Colourflies name is spreading so fast, when I had flown into Washington a few months ago, they were there getting ready for a big show. Read what they have to say, their personality comes through in their answers. I think you will love them and their music.

485278_532722833414731_1890360639_nLadies and Gentlemen, THE COLOURFLIES

SHANEA: What type of band are you?

MATT: We're an anything kind of band; we play whatever intensity or genre we feel like. SCOTTY: We have been called college rock, we've been called alternative, grunge, pop punk. The variety of music we play really creates a style of its own. MADDIE: I'd say we are alternative rock with pop influences. NICK: I think we are a rock band with hooks. If they played this type of music on the radio anymore, I would say that is where we would be.


10653311_791969304156748_7040952485488211124_nSHANEA: Tell us the brief history of your band.

MATT: I wanted to start a band, and I started playing with a drummer from my school named Josh, while demoing all the songs I would do with him, with a guy named Adam down the street and when Josh didn't want to do it anymore, Adam and I had a nice repertoire of songs already, Then I got my best gal pal to play bass. SCOTTY: a long time ago far, far away, there was this fly unlike the other flies. He was colorful. He buzzed in Harmony with 3 other flies, traveling town to town. Even with some flies getting swatted along the way, more came to join... MADDIE: Well, I haven’t been in the band for long. Less than a month, really, I know that Mayde and Adam used to be in the band, and now I’m in it. Matt’s been working really hard on it. NICK: Though I was not an original member, I did name the band. That is really the only history that is important. Unless you think the name sucks, in which case, Matt came up with it.


SHANEA: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

1506963_424906900973483_1841976341_nMATT: Music influences are everything from the Beatles to Avail to Sunny Day Real Estate. Some stuff is very heavily new wave influenced, Tears for Fears, and Talking Heads and the like, while some is 70's laden Rock, and some is more of the Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur JR. Posies, Ginblossoms, Foo Fighters and The Lemonheads. SCOTTY: Some of my musical influences include, Tommy Lee, Marty Friedman, Chevelle, Mastodon, Wheezer, Gin Blossoms, and Dr. Hook. I guess “non-musically” I would have to say Richard Nixon, Seth McFarlane, and Michael Cera. MADDIE: Oh man, I really like Grimes and Spazzkid, and artists like that. The odd synth-y sounds and polyrhythms inspire me a lot, and I like the floating melodies that bedroom-mixers come up with. I also like St.Vincent and Joni Mitchell, because I relate to their lyrics a lot. Grimes influences me beyond music, too. NICK: I love the music of the 60s and 70s: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, etc. There was just something about music that was different than it is today. I don’t want to be super douchey and say, “It was so much more real and organic,” but there you go.


SHANEA: What are your dreams and goals?

MATT: My aspirations for this band are to be able to fully express myself and reach people who feel the same way I do. SCOTTY: My overall dream/goal is to successfully go across the country sharing music, and meeting more fans. MADDIE: My dream is to make it big with my voice, and make a difference in the lives of people. There are so many problems in the world that I feel too small to tackle alone. If I were to get recognition through my music and writings, and make a difference with those, I’d be the happiest person alive. I also hope to be a good person for my little sister to look up to.


10502034_812910912062587_8223887795361126547_nSHANEA: Who writes the songs, what are they about?

MATT: We all sort of write the songs, I usually come up with the basic idea and bring it to the band, and they come up with parts and add their personality to it. Well the Songs on this record, which we're still recording, range from your typical boy meets girl falls in love, to zany conspiracy theories, and alien abduction, as well as murder, child abuse, indie superiority, sexual fetishism, and being away from a loved one. SCOTTY: Matt writes the songs, I will usually write the leads, each member will contribute to the song, and the meaning? I guess it's really up to your interpretation, why don't you tell me? MADDIE: We all contribute to writing songs, but Matt comes up with most of the main bits in my opinion. He and I recently wrote a song, and my parts are about letting go of people who weigh me down in life. NICK: Matt writes the music. What I respect about his songwriting is that he really does progress and evolve. I’ve been around since the first demos for this band were written and it is really a whole other band now. He isn’t afraid to take some off the wall chances with instrumentation and arrangement. I respect always trying to do something different. End of ass kissing.


10155192_720501217970224_396315168195838586_nSHANEA: What's your opinion of George Bush?

NICK: think the easiest thing in the world is to shit all over George Bush. I don’t agree with his ideology or many of the decisions he made while in office, but he was president during an extremely difficult time in our nation’s history and he did what he thought was best for this country. I’m not one of those people that think I know the way to handle every problem that this country is faced with. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be president and to make the decisions he had to make. I respect that he stands by the decisions he made while he was in office when the easy thing to do would be to back-peddle on them after all the criticism. He has also done a lot of good since he got out of office. I’m not going to trash him, time to move on.


SHANEA: How do you promote your band and shows?

1660835_424906997640140_42397559_nMATT: Typically we just post about it on our page, but depending on the size of the show, we've been known to do some publicity stunts to get people charged up. We've given people the option to pick the covers we play, and we've done commercials and stuff like that. MADDIE: I spread word on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, and if people ask me what I’m up to with my life, I tell them about the band. I recently had a customer come into my work, and he asked what I do, and I told him about the band, and he plans to be at our show next Friday!


SHANEA: Describe your show, visual and musically.

MATT: Our Show is basically a you see is what you get vibe, There are nights when we suck, but we're having so much fun, that it's almost a moot point, but there are shows where we're great and all on the same page and the doves cry and the angels descend. Musically the most important thing is getting emotion across, and intensity and energy. We've been called one of the most energetic bands in our area and it kind of sticks with you for every show. SCOTTY: The shows are really just energy, the music is fun happy music you can dance or mosh to. The visual performance is a lot of jumps on stage, a lot of togetherness; we all connect on stage, that's for sure! Maddie: Energetic. Each of us brings our own energy to the shows. NICK: Energy. We don’t dress up or use gimmicks. We just play music and hopefully the energy we put into it connects with people.



SHANEA: What do you think about downloading music online?

MATT: I think that if you have people wanting to download your music, you should appreciate it. We put all of ours up for free, unless we're doing a charity thing for a single or something. SCOTTY: Sucks for the label who gets 80 cents to the dollar of the song, but I have a system of a down view on it, take the songs for free, just remember to buy the merch, and tickets NICK: I absolutely love owning the physical copy of an album whether it be on CD or vinyl. It is the experience of the whole package that really makes a great record, but that being said, I generally don’t have any problem with it. It opens up people to music that they may have otherwise not listened to. Whether that leads to them picking up the record in the store or going to see the band in concert, I think it has a positive effect. Obviously like anything else it can be abused, but I believe that people that really love and care about music come by it legally.



SHANEA: What's your outlook on the record industry today?

MATT: I don't think it truly caters to its clients, as much as it caters to fans being able to spend money for the artists they represent. I've read countless stories of labels screwing over their artists, from everyone to The Beatles, which is referenced in the beginning of Abbey Road medley cut, "You Never Give Me Your Money" to David Bowie with the "Let's Dance" record, and Green Day with their first two records. SCOTTY: The music industry can be sickening, the bands with real talent usually fall short of those with real Auto-tune, there was once a time when making music for a living was about more than money drugs and fame. Those still can't with the package, but they weren't the whole deal. MADDIE: I don’t know enough about it to really have an opinion. There are some really good companies that build up independent artists, and I like that. But for the most part, I think that the industry is too focused on one kind of sound. It’s boring.


SHANEA: What's your claim to fame?

MATT: Probably opening up for the Meat Puppets. MADDIE: My voice. I’ve been singing since I was 11, and I’m in a jazz group at my college.


10483190_738466819549701_8801531005885379426_n SHANEA: Tell us a story about a day in your life.

MATT: I decorated my new guitar with stick on spiders yesterday, and then I fell asleep and had a dream that I lived in a basement with Hobo Spiders that would crawl around, and then My step mom drove me to go sign up for the Illuminati. I realized when I woke up that I actually used to live in the unfinished basement in my dream, and that Hobo Spiders did frequent regularly, It was all a real memory, except for the Illuminati thing. MADDIE: found out that one of my exes was going to flee the country recently, and it made me sad because he used to be my best friend. I thought about how much it scared me that he was going to make such a terrible decision, and I think that I realized in that moment that I really can’t change people or make decisions for them. It was a big shift for me. NICK: wake up, fall out of bed and drag a comb across my head. I find my way downstairs and drink a cup until I look up and notice that I’m late. Then I find my coat and grab my hat so I can make the bus in seconds flat. I then find my way upstairs and have a smoke and somebody speaks and I go into a dream.


SHANEA: What inspires you to do what you do?

MATT: The need to exceed my own expectations of what I can do, and that I love playing. NICK: I love music.


10306463_804194912934187_3466058467404109343_nSHANEA: What advice would you give to fellow bands?

MATT: If you want to play, do it, but don't compromise, If you feel something, say it, if you tear shit up or down, do it. Don’t be pristine, because that's what everyone wants you to be, and don't be dirty just because it's cool. MADDIE: Keep trying, and stay true to your sound. Even if you aren’t popular at first, there are going to be diehards that love you no matter what. NICK: Don’t suck. You piss me off when I go see you and you suck. I know all art is subjective, but seriously, don’t suck.


SHANEA: What are some of your pet peeves?

MATT: Holier than thou, people and bands. Moreover, People that are actually calling themselves hipsters and dressing like hipsters and listening to the worst atmospheric bull shit you've ever heard, I don't care what you listen to in your spare time, but don't tell me it's cool, when you and I both know you're trying to fit in with the guy wearing a sweater vest pouring your java.


SHANEA: How does music affect you and the world around you?

MATT: I listen to music from the second I wake up, to the minute I go to sleep, it’s the gospel. Music can make people dance, cry, and laugh, and no one can ever take it away from you. There's been times when all I've had was music, and it was the only thing I had to look forward to in my life. SCOTTY: Music affects everyone; music is the only logical explanation for sanity since the beginning of homosapien creation. NICK: Everyone loves music. I met all of my friends through music. It is universal.


SHANEA: What's new in the recording of your music?

MATT: Quality! We released our first record and managed to move 500 copies, and sell out in our local record store, and I listen to it and I just feel like it's such a big embarrassment. This record is really good, and really honest, parts of it make me really uncomfortable, Like the second song on the record, "My Buddy" and a song that's out and out angry towards a specific demographic called "Causal Rock" and a song we're all really excited about called "Bat Face" also this is actually a concept record that is about 23 songs long, and called Kid Tested, Mother Approved. All the songs have a child like sense of melody as long as being written to be as catchy as nursery rhymes from you were a kid. SCOTTY: New studios. New sound, even new instruments are what you can expect for the next newest recordings. NICK: The Lineup.


SHANEA: What are the biggest obstacles for bands?

1609619_723621827658163_1346873931242199995_nMATT: Not breaking up, part of the reason that we're in the position that we're in is that we've remained a band. Members have come and gone, but they've all left their mark, for better or for worse. MADDIE: In this town, lack of venues, In general, insecure people. Some people won’t listen to a new band because it’s not what their friends think is cool, or it’s not “their typical genre.” That insecurity makes it hard for different music to get a real break.

SHANEA: What's the best and worst thing about playing clubs?

MATT: The Worst thing is the space and the temperature, The best thing is the space and the temperature. When there are more people in a tiny space, the shows are more fun, also our band tends to explode in a small space. SCOTTY: The worst part about playing clubs is usually the drunken people, always telling us to play free bird.


SHANEA: Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there

MATT: Our next show is in a place called Underground 15, and we've never been there before, but we were booked by Unconfined, You should be there because, we're debuting three new songs which we're going to go record and release as a single called the Holy Trinity, The songs we'll be doing at Crabwalk studios, which I hear Slayer recorded at, are Causal Rock, Bat Face, and Nickelodeon. Stay Tuned! Thanks! MADDIE: We have a show at a new venue in Spokane on Friday the 5th! You should be there because it’s our first show with me as an official member, and it’s a new venue. And we have brand new songs that will be on our record NICK: Because Brad Pitt will also be there. Do you really want to say you missed the show with Brad Pitt?

Didn’t think so.


Follow The Colourflies on Facebook, YouTube and ReverbNation

Photos Courtesy of The Colourflies Facebook Page


Thursday, October 16, 2014

IK Multimedia's AmpliTube for iPhone/iPad adds iOS 8 support, ENGL amps, new Drum packs and more

The ultimate mobile guitar and bass multi-effects processor adds hi-gain amps, iOS 8 compatibility, direct iRig BlueBoard integration, new Loop Drummer Style Packs, 8-track recorder on the iPhone version, and much more

IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music creation apps and accessories, today announced a new version of AmpliTube? for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The ultimate mobile guitar and bass multi-effects processor app now includes new features and gear that complement its comprehensive recording functions and vast collection of virtual equipment. With its 2 new high-gain ENGL? amps, direct iRig BlueBoard integration, 8-track recorder (on the iPhone and iPod touch version), cross-app file and purchase sharing, new Loop Drummer Style Packs and more, the new AmpliTube for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is the most powerful version to date.

AmpliTube 3.4

The earth shaking gain of ENGL

AmpliTube's amplifier section is about to get a whole lot louder. The latest version introduces two new offerings from ENGL, an innovative German manufacturer whose high-gain amps are tailored to provide that supremely righteous tonality coveted by metal, classic rock and modern hard rock players. The amp heads in AmpliTube are based on the meticulously engineered virtual models found in AmpliTube 3 for Mac and PC.

The ENGL E650: An all-tube head that can conjure up classic rock-god tones from the '80s and '90s as well as the heavy crunch and distortion of tomorrow's tone connoisseurs.

The ENGL Powerball: An amp head that's earned its reputation as one of the most powerful and versatile modern high-gain amplifiers off the potent combination of its brutal rhythm tones, super high-gain lead tones and ultra-clean tones.

Both amp heads are available as in-app purchases, which means AmpliTube's collection of amps is bigger than ever before. And to coincide with this, AmpliTube now lets users transfer their purchased gear between versions and devices, such as from AmpliTube for iPad to AmpliTube for iPhone/iPod touch (limited to 10 device transfers per user).

Take control with iRig BlueBoard

Though AmpliTube is fully controllable from the touchscreen, it really comes alive when paired with IK's iRig? BlueBoard Bluetooth pedal controller. iRig BlueBoard gives users a wireless stompbox-like experience with four assignable buttons that can be used to trigger effects and swap presets from the floor. The latest version of AmpliTube makes the pairing even more seamless and powerful by adding built-in support and a new mode that allows for global control of AmpliTube's robust built-in recorder.

8 tracks of tone

AmpliTube has always let players record their sessions via its built-in recorder. The latest version expands this capability by giving iPhone and iPod touch users the ability to expand from a single-track to an 8-track recorder through in-app purchase. That means that iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users have the same multitrack recording functionality, which is perfect for AmpliTube's new project sharing feature. Now users can share their recordings and music projects across different versions and across different devices via iTunes File Sharing.

Powerful Drums

For practicing and recording, AmpliTube features a powerful drum module called Loop Drummer. Like a virtual session musician, it provides rock-solid rhythm tracks that sync with AmpliTube's recorder. The latest version of AmpliTube builds on this by adding additional Style Packs for purchase from the in-app store. Style Packs include 64 loops each, and provide eight different song-construction kits based around a core drumbeat style. The new Style Packs include 5 alternate versions of existing AmpliTube favorites - BLUES 2, FUNKY 2, METAL 2, POP 2 and ROCK 2 - plus three exciting new styles - JAZZ, LATIN and REGGAE. Now, no matter their style, guitar players and bassists will be able to practice with a drummer anywhere.

And a whole lot more

AmpliTube has also been optimized in a number of more subtle ways: It's fully compatible with iOS 8, the new operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Its MIDI control has been improved by adding more assignable parameters to the built-in recorder. It's now compatible with Audiobus on iOS 8. Its latency and MIDI control have both been improved. And its quick start guide has been replaced by multi-language dynamic tooltips available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

Pricing and Availability

The new version of AmpliTube is a complimentary update for existing users of all versions of AmpliTube, and it's available now on the App StoreSM as both a free or paid app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for only $19.99/?17.99 for new users. The new ENGL E650 and ENGL Powerball amp heads are available via in-app purchase for $6.99/?5.99 each. Each new Loop Drummer 2 Style Pack is available via in-app purchase for $3.99/?3.59.

For more information, please visit:

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EXODUS - "Blood In, Blood Out " New Album Premiered In Its Entirety This Friday on WVOX's Metal Mayhem Show!


exoduscoverLegendary Bay Area metal titans Exodus will thrash the WVOX Metal Mayhem airwaves around the world as host Matthew O'Shaughnessy unleashes Blood In, Blood Out, the iconic groups latest album from top to bottom this Friday at 8:50pm EST in a special Exodus feature presentation heard worldwide on and 1460 AM locally in New York. "This is Exodus' fastest and most aggressive album of our career", says guitarist Gary Holt. "All Exodus bangers should get ready and prepare for some serious non-stop Bay Area metal Exodus-style as WVOX brings you Blood In, Blood out this Friday!" rages Matthew O'Shaughnessy.


Kranken Welpen–Das Iz’ Metal Mania Ya….YAAAAAAA

KWLogoWarning, due to the nature of the interview, strong language is prevalent in the quotes of the artists.

Lisablog picA Conversational Interview By: Lisa “Sunshine” Svelnys Host- Hollywood Rock Underground TV LA Rock Journalist- Xombiewoof Magazine

"Handsome longhaired men in Black Bavarian lederhosen and a wild Hungarian chick in a top hat and goggles"...

When you meet them, you KNOW you have met them. Unruly, fun, unpredictable, and WILDLY TALENTED are first five adjectives that come to mind. I got to meet them for the first time in person at NAMM 2014.  I was in AWE! The more research I did on them the more fascinated I became.

Kranken Welpen is the creation of the German and Hungarian married team of Professor Kohl Slaughter (bass, studio guitars and backing vocals) and his wife, Karpathia "Chaos" (lead vocals, guitar, flute and various effects), the daughter of a famous heavyweight wrestler. Together they write all the music that is Kranken Welpen's unique style of heavy metal polka, and melodic heavy metal.


Influenced by their ethnic roots, they occasionally feature accordions, which they find perfectly blends with distorted power chords. And though they may have a sense of humor demonstrated by their natural sense of theatrics, make no mistake: There is only one Kranken Welpen! (As it is debatable if the world could handle another...) The music is said to be very intelligently written and performed, they are known for highly comedic lyrics and content, ranging from originals about drunken sled dogs, the cat virus Toxoplasmosis, and humorous confrontations with traffic police, to polka metal renditions of Spike Jones' Der Fuehrer's Face, and their new single "Hungarian Rants", a polka metal rendition of the Brahms' classic Hungarian Dance no 5, complete with overboard lyrics about fighting against gypsies. The band also performs live polka metal versions of Dr. Demento songs such as The Punk Polka, and Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus, complete in German.

1479164_582701335135852_1294305891_nKranken Welpen delights in featuring shredding guitar virtuosos and uses 3 guitarists onstage, so instruments can be switched while still keeping the full, heavy sound. Their single "Hungarian Rants" features the only 3 time world champion accordionist, Cory Pesaturo.

Chaos' unique vocals have won Rockwell UnScene magazine's female metal singer of 2013 recognition, and admiration and praise from many female metal singers, including Leather Leone.
Kranken Welpen's full CD, Vengeance Und Vanity has had much praise and has tracks played on both online and terrestrial radio stations. The band is looking forward to connecting with a major label, and anxiously awaits recording a follow up to Vengeance Und Vanity, most songs of which are already written and waiting the funding to be produced.

Lisa - KK, Who inspired you to become a performer?

1488734_582701161802536_1620270567_nKK - I would say Ozzy and Mike Patton, in the music world. I was inspired to be a performer because my father was, and I never thought I was supposed to be anything else. I had a top hat at the age of 2, and my father would laugh if I acted like Charlie Chaplin and did a vaudevillian exit from a room with it. I was rewarded for being able to learn notes by ear quickly on the accordion, and basically I was comic relief in my house, unfortunately I was also comic relief in school, where I was not so greatly rewarded for my efforts. I did however do well in band in school, serving over 8 years of my time there in both orchestra and 6 years in marching band. So I was a band geek, playing French horn and flute. I think that's why I don't have a diva attitude and get along with the guys as one of the guys. No one who played in marching band for years can be a diva. Also, I started as a guitarist and never thought I'd be a singer. But I love being the frontman, I enjoy the fuck out of entertaining.

Lisa - Who has your voice been compared to?

10550894_692713074134677_4755298198827997695_nKK - This one confuses me, sometimes people will throw out the weirdest things that make no sense. Just because a singer is female, it’s like people having to make a comparison to another female singer, and I really don't think I sound like anyone else. Did Doro get told "oh you sound like Stevie Nicks"? Maybe, but that would be stupid. She sounds like Doro. And I used Doro as an example because I actually really like her, and I really actually hate most female rock singers. I just always have. I've had people say I reminded them of Nina Hagen, which is funny, she was entertaining. I've also heard me compared to Siouxsie and the Banshees, which I think is a lame comparison and a real stretch of just trying to find any female singer to compare to. Most recently someone was all in my face saying I sounded like the singer for Lizzy Borden, which is funny because apparently that's a guy singing. I haven't heard them, so now I'll have to check that out.

Lisa- How would you describe your music? How is it unique?

KK - Its polka metal that really says it all. Even the songs that are not polka-ed out are pretty different, I guess. It's not something we deliberately try to do, it just is. Polka metal happens.

Lisa - What is it like holding together such a large band?

1377060_547216362017683_582559397_nKK - Your arms get very tired. They hardly even fit around all these guys, and most of the time, they don't want to be squeezed that tightly.

Lisa - What advice would you give to a musician coming to LA to live their dreams?

KK - Don't. Stay where you are, or go to Europe. Just say no. LA sucks donkey balls.

Lisa - How did you choose your band members? any new editions?

KK - We searched the world, far and wide, turned over every stone, and found these treasures. Our newest edition is our drummer, Artimus Von K. We hope this doesn't end in Spinal Tap fashion. 

Lisa - What do you hope to inspire within a person with your music?

1013277_521952764544043_555935129_nKK – Terror, Fear, No, wait, happiness, joy, No, that's not it. Perhaps to make them think, and wonder what the heck I'm singing about. That requires brain cell activity, and that's a good thing. In all seriousness, we hope to raise the bar, inspire more musicians to actually try, to care about being skilled, and to create more music that requires actual talent and the use of real instruments. I also want to inspire people to get off their asses and have fun listening to metal again.

Lisa - What is your most favorite song Kranken Welpen has ever recorded?

KK - Hungarian Rants, hands freakin' down! I love everything about the piece, the composition, the content, the accordion Cory Pesaturo put down on that track, and the insane lead guitar work Deakon came up with. Everything about that song I love to fucking death.

Lisa - Who are your favorite artists? How do they inspire you?

KK - There are so many, really. I love Gogol Bordello, because they spray wine on their crowd while singing "start turning purple", and I can appreciate that. I love the band Ween, because they created something in which there are no boundaries, they do whatever they please, and you'll accept it. And then going back in time, I love many of the classical composers, especially Mozart, because gifted, drunk, and crazy are qualities dear to my heart.

Lisa - How does your faith play a part in your music?

1499447_585468168192502_1655172577_nKK - That's a good question. And see, I at first typed that and said "that's a god question", Freudian slip? ... maybe. I am a devout Christian. I however don't make excuses about how it's OK if I do something that I shouldn't, like cussing. This is not a "Christian" band, and I don't want it to be, because that would put me in a cage I can't handle being in, and I don't want only Christian listeners. I wasn't raised Christian, and I would have never listened to Christian metal, I thought it was stupid. Its fine if someone wants to do that, and hey, they can have it, I'm not competing with that. My writing style and way of putting things is far too sarcastic, and there's no way I can write differently without it being so intentional that it's not from my core. But I will say this, when I use an F bomb, it's never about sex, our music is not sexual, except for some twisted innuendoes in "Yellow Cake" which is actually about uranium. We don't glorify sex and drugs. Even "Drunken Sled Dog" is showing what a pain in the ass a bad drunk dog is.

66052_404977382908249_1918777140_nAlso, I never wear anything that's going to show cleavage or be trashy. I think my attire, as odd as it is, always has me completely covered. I feel as a female entertainer, the lowest form of getting attention is exposing yourself. I have no respect for anyone who plays that game. I'm entertaining as a frontman, that's all. My husband (Professor Slaughter of Kranken Welpen) is also a very devout Christian and would not approve of his wife looking trashy. We're very anti porn, anti-lust, and when people say "sex sells", it truly disgusts me. I also kind of like pushing limits with silly things like saying the F word in a song and hearing back how that's too edgy for some people or for radio. OK, I can accept that, but I'd really like to point out how ridiculous it is then to be OK with a song that happily pulls off glorifying adultery or other horrible things, but because it has a good beat and no actual curse words, that's somehow acceptable. No, that's bullshit. I'd rather be saying "fucking fuck fuckety fuck crap" as an expletive than sweetly talk about murdering my sex partner or getting drunk and waking up with a stranger. Think, people. Evil things will come in a nice package and be marketed to the general public. Ozzy, the "prince of darkness" will tell you in his lyrics to learn how to love and forget how to hate, while country music is over there telling you how to load a gun and kill your ex. People need to pay attention.

Lisa - As a band, what is your favorite memory?

KK - I'd say staying in a chalet in Big Bear after playing Oktoberfest and getting drunk and talking all night about our most drunk experiences…. Quality time, man. And that was after being shut down at Oktoberfest because the crowd got out of hand and started a mosh pit, which had never been seen in the event's 43 years. The sound guy radioed security and yelled "its happening!” That was fucking hilarious.

Lisa - How do you get the ideas for your lyrics and songs?

KK - How? Well, my mind starts to drift, and all these weird pictures and scenes start forming, and I write them down. Then I reward myself by playing with toys.

Lisa - Who in the industry haven't you met yet that you would just LOVE to? (why)

KK- I'd say Ozzy. I mean, fuck, it's Ozzy. I don't think you can go any higher than that. You hit the ceiling with that. He's Ozzy. I bet my being an Ozzy fan really shows. Maybe I'll change my answer then to Engelbert Humperdinck.



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