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Friday, April 18, 2014


"The Dream" by Los Angeles-based Goth-Symphonic Metal band Le Reverie has been selected as the theme song for upcoming horror movie thriller "Lake Eerie" starring veteran actor Lance Henriksen. Written and directed respectively by Meredith Majors and Chris Majors, "Lake Eerie" - set for a  Summer 2014 release - is about a young widow who moves into a house on Lake Erie to recover from her husband's sudden death, who is then enveloped by a whirlwind of tragedy and dark forces and must fight back and figure out the evil truth before it's too late. More on Lake Eerie at http://www.lakeeeriemovie.com.

Le Reverie's unique musical mix of progressive rock, metal, classical symphony and goth is fronted by enchanting vocalist, Allie Jorgen. The Los Angeles-based rock band's album "Dark Symphony" won "2013 Best Group CD" from the L.A. Music Critic/Examiner, who exclaimed, ""Allie Jorgen and Le Reverie are smokin' hot rock stars and one of the best things to come out of L.A. in many years. With acts like them, the Strip could find itself back in its glory days when Rock reigned."

Jorgen is also the Los Angeles reporter for music/entertainment publication, National Rock Review.




Watch the Trailer on YouTube


Le Reverie's "Dark Symphony" Gets Shining Reviews

All critics agree, Le Reverie is awe inspiring and is destine for greatness in every level imaginable!

"Le Reverie delivers a Goth-fueled arena-sized vision exemplified by the darkly sensual 'Twisted' and 'Le Reverie,' with heaps of hard-rock riffage and haunted yearning. (Allie Jorgen's) vocals are strong on power balled 'The Ghost Of You,' with its Stevie Nicks aura."

                                       MUSIC CONNECTION

"Dark Symphony sounds like it should be coming out of northern Europe rather than right here in America. I would liken this band to the sound and feeling of bands such as Dream Theater, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil and a bit of early Evanescence. A great album by a great band!"


"If you're a fan of symphonic-styled epic rock with sorrow in their hearts, you might well rejoice as another quality act are added to the community. Dark Symphony is a good debut album; ten tracks with meat on their bones, and a compelling lead vocal performance by Allie Jorgen."


"Dark Symphony is a remarkable album, deftly combining a dazzling array of influences into a unique and enthralling whole. Allie Jorgen's vocals are rich and warm, and she conveys emotion like a master on the metal title track."


"Le Reverie ('The Dream') catches you with its metal-influences guitar and rhythm, paired with use of piano and (Allie) Jorgen's soaring vocals. A solid release...a strong future for Le Reverie is in store."


"Le Reverie will lure you in with their haunting melodies and dark heavy tracks...Dark Symphony demands the attention of diverse fans of Progressive Metal music. The songs boast an array of powerful progression and passion while still retaining its heavy metal attitude."


"On Dark Symphony Le Reverie stands out and separates themselves from similarly-sounding bands of their ilk. A noticeable lingering air of darkness and layered sound runs through the album on such standouts as 'Le Reverie (The Dream)' 'Hold Me Down' and 'Pleasure & Pain.'”


"Not since Fleetwood Mac was fronted by Stevie Nicks has a band been fronted by such a hauntingly, bewitchingly beautiful singer. Allie Jorgen handily commands the mic, stage, persona, and vocals as well as any veteran rocker who comes to mind. An incredible merging of Goth, Prog, and Metal with some very healthy doses of symphonic bliss."


"Fine collaboration of Goth Prog-Metal dreamscape music. Top-notch musicianship. I get this feeling I'm on a sonic caravan with an aural backdrop of nebulous and shadowy landscapes leading the listener to soft swaying fields of nirvana. Are you ready to take a symphonic journey? If so, there is no looking back!"


"I received Dark Symphony and found this collection of work to be a truly magnificent gem of musical composition. Le Reverie has taken traditional rock, Gothic music, progressive metal, and classical symphonic stylings, and blended it into a perfect creation of emotionally stirring music."


"An interesting blend of Goth rock, Metal, Prog Rock and even symphony music as in the album's opener, 'La Naissance.' 'Twisted' is another example of Le Reverie's fine musical and songwriting skills. Powerful and enthralling chord progressions, and songs that create poignant visual images in the listener's mind."


"Majestic melodies and soaring female vocals from (front person) Allie Jorgen are a guarantee on this release with highlights including the orchestral instrumental opener 'La Naissance' and the piano-led ballad 'Ghost Of You.' Well worth checking out."


"Dark Symphony is a collection of well-written songs along the vein of Evanesence with a pinch of Prog. Allie jorgen's vocals weave a hypnotic spell through each track that takes the listener to a different realm."


"Le Reverie have managed to take the sound of Evanescence and bring it to a whole new level. At once aggressive and melodic, they are clearly not afraid to push the boundaries of what is considered metal. While many bands seem to be a one-trick pony, Le Reverie bring epic scope while stripping it down and nearly pulls it off with perfection. 4 out of 5 skulls (covered with black candles)."


"Dark Symphony is a mesmerizing opus."


"Fronted by the amazing Allie Jorgen, Le Reverie's Dark Symphony is twelve tracks of amazing hard rock with a progressive undercurrent. 'Hall Of Mirrors' and 'Dark Secrets' continue the terrific momentum set by the previous tracks. 'Truth & Lies' and a reprise of 'Ghost In You' ends this amazing album. 9 (stars out of) 10."


Visit www.lereverie.com and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Le-Reverie/123374824370714?fref=ts for more info



(LAS VEGAS, NV) - Just as U2 did at Rockefeller Center during their recent Tonight Show appearance, L.A. band Desert Dragon will rock the roof off the Downtown Grand Las Vegas during the hot quintet's upcoming show there, Saturday, May 17, 2014. 10:45 p.m.-11:45 p.m. Free. Info: (855) 384-7263 or https://www.facebook.com/DowntownGrandLV.

  Known for their fiery live shows (no pun intended!), Desert Dragon recently took to the road for a six-city SXSW Tour that included a date at Shakespeare's Pub in Austin, TX. KESHA keyboardist Jenna Stone joined Desert Dragon for the tour. 

In January Desert Dragon recently performed with iconic rock band Blue Oyster Cult at The Canyon Club, to great reviews. Vintage Rock's James Shelley wrote, "before I get started on BOC's performance I must shout from the mountain about the opening band, Desert Dragon. In a word, dynamite! These guys rocked! They definitely have the old school sound: heavy on guitars, thick bass lines, dynamic percussion, keyboards and great vocals. Percussionist Nicholas Mason held everything together. No fancy moves, just solid rock drumming. Singer Ross Petraca demonstrated a set of pipes that, head to head, would compete with a list of established vocalists, some having been around for greater than fifty years."

  National publication Music Connection opined, "(Desert Dragon's) rhythm section is tight...Double-duty DeCario plays deep, sludgy grooves on the bass and atmospheric synthesizers, one of the highlights of the set...the twin guitar attack of Greg Patnode (who also wrote "Darkness Shines") and Thiago Straioto show the kind of balance expected from Judas Priest's K.K. Downing and Glen Tipton, if not with harmonized solos, then definitely with their distinct styles. Lead singer Ross Petraca has some quality pipes."

In a just-published review, the L.A. Music Examiner calls Desert Dragon's recent EP release Desolation, "Miles Away from the competition." Writer Will Phoenix goes on to say, "Darkness Shines" is an energetic introduction to their signature sound..."Miles Away" is yet another song that works well live...every band needs a song like closing cut "Bring Back The Life." Read the entire review here: http://www.examiner.com/article/desert-dragon-s-desolation-is-miles-away-from-the-competition?CID=examiner_alerts_article.



Vintage Rock - Live Show Review

Rockwired Magazine - Feature

All Access Magazine - Interview

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Album Review: Pomme de Terre by Pawns or Kings

1461159_652453191472584_141381272_nAlbum Review: Pomme de Terre

Artist: Pawns or Kings

Reviewed by Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine

Missouri based and US born indie folk band Pawns or Kings, described by the Indie Shuffle as "The Fleet Foxes and the Avett Brothers have a music baby", have recently released their newest album, Pomme de Terre.

Pomme de Terre has it has been gaining some impressive momentum in the UK underground scene but has remained relatively unknown in the states, which is a shame because this group has a great sound to offer. I find their sound to be a hybrid of Dave Mathews and a bit of the Hollies, maybe even a bit of Country Joe McDonald … just something about the way they sound reminds me of Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seger, true sounds of the people’s music.

Peaceful, Serene and Reassuring in their lyrical majesty, Pawns or Kings gives a front porch softness to a world gone mad and I will be following them steadfast and sure.

Of all the songs on this emotionally driving and surely spiritual invigorating album is the track The River Will Rise, go to http://pawnsorkings.bandcamp.com and hear it, as well as their other songs for yourself, you can also find them on Facebook Here- http://www.facebook.com/PawnsorKings.

Get into The Spaces Between

Front imageAlbum Review: Let's Leave It At This For Now

Artist: The Spaces Between

Self-produced Independent Album featuring Jon Anderson of YES

Review by Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine

With an organic, flowing and retro sound, The Spaces Between have been performing to standing room only crowds and as of late been gaining great popularity here locally on the Central Coast of California with their ambient sound with alluring and progressive tempos.

facebook roxyThis unified trio, Andrew Rubin on lead guitar, Noah Colton on bass and vocals and Liam Smith on drums have proven themselves to be not only serious musicians but musical visionaries inspired by genres including funk, jazz, alternative and rock n' roll. With many performances at notable venues such as the Whisky a Go-Go, the Roxy, the Viper Room, and the Live Oak Music Festival, the Spaces Between have produced and released their first full-length album, "Let's Leave It At This For Now..." is now available on limited-edition CD and on iTunes.

Let's Leave It At This For Now is Co-produced and mixed by current Blind Melon vocalist Travis Warren, the album features eight intrinsic and avant-garde tracks and features a very special guest appearance by the voice of Jon Anderson of YES.

First listening to Let's Leave It At This For Now , you get a sense of 70’s and 80’s inspired pieces but not with the “poppish” or repetitive “hum-drum” ego pop sound, I would say they have more of a progressive / power trio feel and fall strongly in line with the likes of Brian Ferry, Robert Fripp or their contemporaries. This album has a warm sound with an almost “Day Glow” pop that calls for attention but is not overwhelming. Persuasive and ambient harmonies create a dreamlike state of musical bliss.

Online streaming of Let's Leave It At This For Now is available at www.reverbnation.com/thespacesbetween and you can find out more at the group’s website http:// www.thespacesbetweenband.com. Other contact and social pages include their Facebook page, http:// www.facebook.com/spacesbetweenband and performance footage on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/thespacesbetweenband.


Vocalist Jon Anderson of YES whom appeared on the track Orchasm has said in comment that they were “a great band and excellent guys” which from the founding father of progressive music is a statement of faith for a group of musicians of their youth. Key tracks on the album- Independence, Jubilation, Century, Let it Out have strong hit song qualities and would be anthem tracks if given their due.

Get into The Spaces between, Let's Leave It At This For Now will be this summer’s breakout indie hit!






The Wait is OVER!

Look for KIX-- Steve Whiteman (lead vocals), Jimmy Chalfant (drums, vocals), Ronnie Younkins (guitars), Brian Forsythe (guitars) and Mark Schenker (bass)—to release their first new album in almost two decades on July 22, thanks to their new partnership with Loud & Proud Records.  What makes the project even more exciting and anticipated is that the album features the band’s original line-up, with the exception of Schenker on bass.

“The boys and I are so happy that our old friend, Tom Lipsky, has invited us to join the Loud & Proud family,” exclaims Whiteman.  “We worked with Tom and Madelyn Scarpulla on our last studio album, SHOW BUSINESS, and we’re looking forward to working with them again with the release of the first new KIX album in almost 19 years!  We'll still be coming to a dump near you very soon!”

Loud & Proud Owner & President Tom Lipsky adds, “What I have always loved about KIX is they make rock ‘n roll fun.  What I love about their new music is that it’s pure, genuine KIX music, straight up guitar rock with no compromise.  They’re not chasing trends or trying to re-invent themselves.  They’re simply doing what they do best...and now they can do it Loud and Proud!”

Marking the re-emergence of KIX in early-2000’s, the band had teamed up a few times a year to test the waters with reunion shows in the Maryland/Pennsylvania, which were very well received.  Then in the summer of 2008, KIX performed outside the mid-Atlantic for the first time in 13 years at two of the biggest rock festivals in the U.S.  Rocklahoma in Pryor, OK and Rock the Bayou in Houston, TX.  The band was hailed by many music websites and attendees as Best Performance at both festivals, where they played alongside Sammy Hagar, Alice Cooper, Tesla, Queesryche, Ratt, and more.

As the demand for new music has never subsided and in fact has only increased over the last few years, the band decided that they can no longer ignore the overtures from their fans and are currently recording new KIX songs.  The new album, due out summer 2014, is produced by Taylor Rhodes, who last worked with KIX on 1991’s HOT WIRE album.  Rhodes has also written hit songs for Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne and Journey.

Stay tuned for new album news, which will be announced in the coming weeks, and check out KIX on tour at any of the following stops (with more to be announced soon):

DATE                CITY                              VENUE

Fri 4/25             Columbia, MD              M3 Festival

Sat 5/24            Pryor, OK                     Rocklahoma

Sat 5/31            Sandusky, OH              Ohio Bike Week

Fri 6/6               Vernal, UT                   Thunder Rocks

Sat 6/21            Idaho Falls, ID              Rock The Falls

Fri 7/25             Royalton, MN               Halfway Jam

Thu 7/31            Leemore, CA                Tachi Palace Casino


About Loud & Proud Records:

Loud & Proud Records is an independent record label founded in 2007 by Tom Lipsky whose mission is to provide a true and transparent partnership between artists and their record label.  Labels under Lipsky's direction in the past (CMC International, Sanctuary Records Group) have been among the market leaders in the veteran artist space with releases by Neil Young, Lynyrd Skynyrd, KISS, Robert Plant, Morrissey, Earth Wind & Fire, The Allman Brothers Band, Widespread Panic, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Bad Company and more.  In a previous joint-venture with Roadrunner Records, Loud & Proud was responsible for new albums by Rush, Lenny Kravitz, Rob Zombie, Lynyrd Skynyrd, KISS, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and The Steve Miller Band.  Loud & Proud’s current roster includes five-time Emmy Award winning actor and musician Jonathan Jackson and his band Enation, supergroup rock band The Winery Dogs, renowned jam band The String Cheese Incident, multi-platinum country artists BlackHawk, Seattle’s alternative Walking Papers, critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter Willie Nile, powerhouse rockers KIX and the classic Starship featuring Mickey Thomas.  Loud & Proud Records is a registered trademark of Lipsky Music, LLC, and is distributed in the U.S. and Canada by RED and in the rest of the world by earMUSIC/Edel AG.


www.kix-band.com - www.facebook.com/OfficialKIX - www.twitter.com/KIXtheband

www.loudandproudrecords.com - www.facebook.com/LoudandProudRecords


Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Releases to Examine


Audio Fidelity limited edition remastered editions of Behind the Sun by Eric Clapton and East West by The Butterfield Blues Band. These 24k Gold CDs have exquisite sound quality.

I recommend you visit http://www.audiofidelity.net and check out all of their available releases. Included in their catalogue is collectors quality vinyl releases.. Great for Record Store Day buys.

#audiofidelity #ericclapton #butterfieldbluesband

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ear Trumpet Labs Introduces Mabel, Their First Multi-Pattern Studio Microphone

Ear Trumpet Labs

  Handcrafted microphones with modern electronics and a vintage look

Mabel.angled.blackEar Trumpet Labs, a privately owned company in Portland OR that makes handcrafted microphones, today announced the release of Mabel, a new microphone designed specifically for studio work.

The Mabel, one of a full line of technologically innovative, visually stunning and a true example of form and function supporting imaginative design, will most definitely spark a new creativity to the studio professional as well as the home studio recording artist. All of the Ear Trumpet Labs microphones are favored by the “New Folk” Artists throughout the United States, and until recently was a most guarded secret.

Mabel is a hand-built multi-pattern condenser microphone utilizing two cardioid medium-large diaphragm (26mm) capsules, designed primarily for capturing demanding sources like acoustic instruments, drum overheads, and vocals. Recognized as “Microphones of Distinction”, and, in my opinion, I would say that Ear Trumpet Lab Microphones have a sought after sound and durability that outlast other microphones in their price ranges yet have no equal in their class.


Milk Carton Kids

Mabel.fontal.blackMabel features a unique copper-ringed head basket with brass grill work, held in a pivoting mount within a stainless-steel yoke, and a copper-and-brass body. The design is both visually stunning and extremely practical, as the pivoting head makes for easy positioning adjustments.

The capsules are a pair of fixed-cardioid electret condensers, individually tested and selected to match each other and strict design criteria. The circuit is a transformer-less FET with fully balanced output, incorporating thorough EMI protection.

Other electrical components in the signal path are of the highest quality: metal film resistors, polypropylene and polystyrene capacitors, and individually tested, hand-matched and biased transistors and JFETs. Internal Sorbothane shock and vibration damping helps to minimize vibration noise.

The dual-cardioid-capsule design is an uncommon approach to a multi-pattern microphone. It has advantages in an especially deep null at the sides of the figure 8 pattern and greater control over the directional frequency response across all the patterns. The circuit includes high frequency EQ tuned to the capsules, providing a very smooth high end.

Mabel.top.black.hiresSensitivity: 25 mv/Pa (cardioid) Output Impedance: 150 ohms

The Mabel is now available for $1000 directly from Ear Trumpet Labs.

Visit Ear Trumpet Labs on the Web and see for yourself what your studio should sound like

About Ear Trumpet Labs

Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2011, Ear Trumpet Labs is a craft builder of unique microphones for adventurous musicians and recordists. Combining technical expertise, the highest-grade hand-selected electrical components, and a sculptural craft aesthetic, the company is committed to bringing the best of visual and sonic creativity to musicians around the world.


Also Visit The Portland Sessions for More Great Videos of Ear Trumpet Labs Microphones


Drum Legend Terry Bozzio Presents a Solo Musical Performance on World´s Largest Tuned Drum and Percussion Set

Drum Legend Terry Bozzio Presents a Solo Musical Performance on World´s Largest Tuned Drum and Percussion Set on Forthcoming North American Tour!


An Evening with TERRY BOZZIO North American Tour 2014

Drum legend Terry Bozzio, known for his work with Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, UK and his critically acclaimed solo ventures, celebrates the 50th anniversary of his first drum lesson with “An Evening With Terry Bozzio” coast-to-coast North American tour! During the course of this tour, Terry Bozzio will hit over 40 cities from San Diego to Jacksonville to Montreal to Vancouver to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. This will be a night of solo drumming and include compositions from throughout his career, as well as improvisation. It is by no means a clinic or a workshop. Enjoy an intimate evening of Terry Bozzio and his monster sculpture of a drum kit together for the first time in seated venues across North America.

“TERRY BOZZIO - An Evening of Solo Drum Music” is a unique, intense, dynamic, spiritualistic, melodic, orchestral, atmospheric, and musical performance on the largest tuned drum & percussion set in the world. Unless you have seen Terry, you have no idea what you are in for. Bozzio is an enigmatic, evocative, and engaging musician whose instrument just happens to be the drums. Terry Bozzio is able to accompany himself with bass note patterns and, at the same time, melodically solo on top with highly developed coordination skills to express a complete musical statement on the drum set alone. Drawing from jazz, classical, & ethnic percussion styles from around the world, Terry Bozzio is “a storyteller,” able to weave a hypnotic spell over audiences and enthrall them with an eclectic experience filled with contrast, variety, intimacy, excitement, & passion.

Terry has had tremendous success with his last two Terry Bozzio solo drum performance tours in Europe (2012 included his headline show at the Jazz Festival Frankfurt – the oldest jazz festival in the world – and 2013 which included sold out performances in Sweden, Germany, Eastern Europe, and France). Please note that this is not a bombastic 2 hour drum solo. This is MUSIC on drums, “an evening with Terry Bozzio.” In most of Bozzio’s works, he accompanies himself with bass lines while soloing over it melodically on the tuned toms. There is space, classical forms & structures, ambient electronic loops, and atmospheric percussion effects, as well as some exciting & fiery drumming that brings audiences to their feet!

An Evening with TERRY BOZZIO North American Tour Dates:

Aug 15, 2014 - Mexicali, BC, Mexico - Lob Bar (Bol Bol)

Aug 17, 2014 - Phoenix, AZ - MIM Music Theater

Aug 23, 2014 - Denver, CO - Soiled Dove

Aug 26, 2014 - Tulsa, OK - The Vanguard

Aug 28, 2014 - Conroe, TX - Dosey Doe

Aug 29, 2014 - Fort Worth, TX - McDavid Studio

Aug 31, 2014 - Austin, TX - One World Theater

Sept 04, 2014 - Orlando, FL - Plaza Live

Sept 05, 2014 - Largo, FL - Largo Cultural Center

Sept 10, 2014 - Washington, DC - The Hamilton

Sept 11, 2014 - Wilmington, DE - World Café

Sept 13, 2014 - Asbury Park, NJ - The Saint

Sept 14, 2014 - New York City, NY - Iridium (2 shows – 8pm & 10pm)

Sept 15, 2014 - New York City, NY - Iridium (2 shows - 8pm & 10pm)

Sept 16, 2014 - Stafford Springs, CT - Stafford Palace Theater

Sept 19, 2014 - Richmond Hill, ON, Canada - Cosmopolitan Music Hall

Sept 21, 2014 - Buffalo, NY - Nietzches

Sept 24, 2014 - Nashville, TN - 3rd and Lindsley

Sept 26, 2014 - Newport, KY - The Southgate House Revival

Sept 30, 2014 - Little Rock, AR - Juanitas

Oct 05, 2014 - Chicago, IL - Martyrs

Oct 06, 2014 - Chicago, IL - Martyrs

Oct 14, 2014 - Calgary, AB, Canada - Orpheus Theatre

Oct 16, 2014 - Vancouver, BC, Canada - Imperial

Oct 17, 2014 - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada - Tidemark Theatre

Oct 19, 2014 - Seattle, WA - The Triple Door

Oct 20, 2014 - Portland, OR - Aladdin Theater

Oct 23, 2014 - Oakland, CA - Yoshi´s

Oct 25, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA - Catalina´s

Oct 26, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA - Catalina´s

In other news, Over the last four decades, drummer Terry Bozzio has built an extraordinary legacy based on his unique approach to rhythm and the diverse and acclaimed recordings to which he's contributed. On April 18, 2014 he'll go beyond genres into new mediums with the release of an art collection titled [RHYTHM] + [SKETCH]. Available exclusive at www.terrybozzioart.com, the collection is a fusion of artwork crafted over the last three decades mixed with new abstract visuals made from capturing rhythm.

A project that began a year ago, [RHYTHM] + [SKETCH] is a highly limited release of artwork on canvas. The collection's visuals are a unique fusion of ink sketches Bozzio has made throughout his career, as well as his take on the new medium of rhythm-on-canvas, a process of creating abstract artwork through the documentation of rhythmic performance and light movement. To build the collection, Bozzio joined Los Angeles art team SceneFour in the creation process. SceneFour is the team responsible for the rhythm-on-canvas movement, working exclusively with the world's finest drummers to craft abstract artwork from performance. “Terry's collection is a remarkable step forward. His style is so unique that once captured the arcs and techniques he's mastered become crystal clear to a discerning viewer,” SceneFour's Co-Founder Cory Danziger states. “The fusion of Terry's sketches into the rhythmic creations is a natural. His work behind the kit has similarities to the artwork done by hand. It's very telling of how his creativity is consistent even as it crosses platforms.” In total, twelve different works are featured in Bozzio's collection, with a limited number of each piece available to the public on April 18, 2014. Each piece is numbered and signed individually by Bozzio. To join the interest list to learn more and see it before the release, sign up at www.terrybozzioart.com. Terry's stage setting for his upcoming solo drum tour will include large pieces of his [RHYTHM] + [SKETCH] work as a backdrop on the stage.

"I just want to make music on the drums." - Terry Bozzio

For more information: www.terrybozzio.com

Terry Bozzio Biography: http://terrybozzio.com/biography/




Known best for his iconic photography of some of rock’s biggest acts, Ryan Russell has released a new travel photography book titled “Continental Obscura: From Birmingham to Bellingham” today via No Sleep Records. The limited edition book will also feature an exclusive 7” split record with unreleased and rare music from Manchester Orchestra and Minus The Bear.  The book is available for purchase now from No Sleep Records and Amazon.com.

Russell recently partnered with Fuse.tv to stream Manchester Orchestra’s unreleased track “Sure Shot” and Minus The Bear’s rare B-side “Surf-n-Turf” from the exclusive 7” record. Listen now at http://on.fuse.tv/OubAkQ. Additionally, a selection of photos from the new book can be seen at ImposeMagazine.com.

For the last decade Russell has captured memorable shots of famous rock bands like Paramore, Death Cab For Cutie and Blink-182 and had photos featured in publications like Rolling Stone, Esquire and New York Times all while amassing an impressive cult following of his work.  For his latest project “Continental Obscura: From Birmingham to Bellingham” Russell turned his lens onto a different subject entirely. In the summer of 2013 he embarked on a life-changing, cross-country journey, moving from his native city of Birmingham, AL to the Pacific Northwest town of Bellingham, WA.  Russell documented his trip, capturing the back roads, ghost towns, national parks and historical sites of America with stunning photos of everything he saw.  Check out a recent profile on Russell at RoadTrippers.com.

Follow Russell at http://instagram.com/ryanrussell and continentalobscura.com for more information regarding the release of “Continental Obscura: From Birmingham to Bellingham.”

About Ryan Russell:

Russell was born and raised in the Deep South town of Birmingham, where he found an eye for photography at a young age.  His style embraces predecessors of southern culture like William Eggleston and Ernest Withers as well as personal influences like Glen E. Friedman and Charles Peterson to create a bold new take on classic southern gothic photography.  Russell captures the grit and energy of today’s American music scene much like Lee Friedlander’s work for Atlantic Records in the 50’s and 60’s or Anton Corbijn’s work with U2 and Joy Division in the 80’s.  Today, Russell is a well sought after photographer who has worked with bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Paramore, Patton Oswalt, My Chemical Romance, Green Day and Blink-182 and his photographs have appeared in such periodicals as Rolling Stone, Spin, Esquire, Playboy and New York Times.

7”  Track List:

1. Manchester Orchestra

Sure Shot (unreleased 2009 track)

2. Minus the Bear

Surf-n-Turf (rare b-side)

For More Information:









Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes Hosts VIP-only Abode for Musicians to Relax and Record in the Coachella Valley



Jesse Hughes, the devilish leader of desert-rockers Eagles of Death Metal, counterculture icon, and frontman for his solo project Boots Electric, has built a temporary space where musicians hanging out in the Coachella Valley next weekend are invited to come relax, create, practice, and even record. Located at the invite-only Vestal Village event, “Vatican City,” as it’s been dubbed by Hughes, will feature an air conditioned compound with plenty of high quality recording gear from Orange Amps and Blue Microphones, as well as PA and drum equipment supplied by Guitar Center. Those in attendance can also check out the latest products from Orange, who will be featuring the newest version of their Windows PC, the Orange OPC MKIV.

“I’m creating an artist’s Shanghai-la. It is a strictly invite-only, elite affair, but I will be producing a record of music from the weekend for the masses,” said Hughes. “The details of participants is being kept completely secret and invitations will only go to the fortunate few.”

Video and audio recordings featuring Jesse Hughes and other musicians will be released in the weeks following the event through Orange Amps, Blue Mics, and other media outlets.


Musicians and artists interested in attending Vatican City may email vaticancityrecording@gmail.com for consideration.

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